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What the hell is going on with the pot board today???? LOL. There are TONS of freaks or pedo's or something!!!! That girl that thinks she is 4 mos pregnant and all the people that are mad that no one replies to their stupid posts. ! RAWR!
mulder scully

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As all the old oldies know we made the switch from the olsen board to the potpourri board. So how about, to lose the tweens we make the switch from the pot board to the website board and invite all the people there who are worthy of it. Nobody ever goes there since it's not a quick link from the top of the pot board.

We get the greatness of sweetin without the eughness of all the crappy posts. :P

I suggested it sometime last year too, but it never really took off, basically been kept in one post since November. :P

But yes, just a suggestion.
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